how it all began......

 My father loved to cook and was always cooking new things, foods from around the love of food came from him! I made my very first cake all on my own at age 8 ( it was lopsided and still a bit uncooked in the center but my family ate it all lol). It was then my love of all things food and creating meals began. We lost my Dad in 2015, so in a way I feel like my business dream is honoring him in that small way as well. During 2020 the lockdown occurred and we couldn't go out anywhere, so I turned our kitchen into our own lil restaurant. I was cooking dishes from Italy to India, tasting new wines and it was then that I built my first Charcuterie was "amore".

It early summer 2021, a close friend started a luxury picnic business, and asked me to create some items for her. We transitioned into Charcuterie, and received so much interest I decided to take the leap and start my own business. Now here we are, providing people with some delicious "eats n treats". Perfect for any occasion or just to treat yourself with.


A little back story on Charcuterie, it originated in France; with those preparing cured meats, then came the adding of cheeses and so forth, The perfect little snack to share over sparkling water , a cocktail or a glass of wine.  


Thank you for supporting my small business.......and HAPPY CHARCUTERING!!!

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